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MagicPaws™ Cloud 7 Cuddly Dog Bed

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Color: Dark Grey
Dark Grey

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Bed diameter:50cm

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Dog + Dog

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MagicPaws™ Cloud 7 Cuddly Dog Bed

Did you know?

According to a study, 78% of dogs suffer from anxiety and stress in daily life? Triggered by lack of sleep, being alone during the day and bad experiences with other four-legged friends.

Your dog deserves the best

Your dog deserves the best

Comfort and safety are the main features of the bed. The ultra-comfortable, fur-like material is the basis for an incredible bed that relaxes your dog's nervous system. This allows him to calm down faster.

The oversized, raised rim and extra-long faux fur create a barrier that lets your puppy snuggle up to his mom. And gives your puppy the warmth and security he needs.

The extra padding and easy to clean cover with the waterproof bottom are features that our competitors have overlooked. This is how we differentiate ourselves from the rest and offer a top-of-the-line product for your dog that you will be envious of.

Maximum comfort without joint pain

Maximum comfort without joint pain

Our bed's has been expertly engineered to perfectly adapt to the shape of your dog's body, ensuring a snug and cozy sleeping experience. The unique contouring properties and pressure-relieving materials provide unparalleled support, reducing muscle tension and promoting relaxation for your furry friend.

In addition to its remarkable design, this soothing bed also works wonders in calming your pet's nervous system. The soft, plush materials create a serene and nurturing environment, helping to alleviate anxiety and stress commonly experienced by dogs. With our soothing bed, your canine companion will enjoy restful and rejuvenating sleep, contributing to their overall well-being and happiness.

That is why more than 40,000 four-legged friends love our beds!

That is why more than 40,000 four-legged friends love our beds!

✅ Promotes healthy posture of the head, spine and hip joint  

✅ Reduces anxiety, stress and joint pain from the first night

✅ Safe retreat provides instant relaxation and comfort

✅ Easy to clean by hand

✅ Bite resistant and pet friendly premium material

Why MagicPaws™ Cloud 7?

Why MagicPaws™ Cloud 7?

Why MagicPaws™ Cloud 7?

There's hundreds of dog bed options available on the market. After months of testing and refining, we are confident we have made the most functional and useful design on the market

Easy to clean

Our beds are hand wash safe, just wash them and leave them out in the sun for 4-5 hours and you can enjoy a clean bed for your pet.

Versatile for any situation

Take your Cloud 7 calming bed everywhere you go to help in stressful situations.

Raised rim

Doubles as a pillow and a barrier to provide a sense of security ensuring a perfect nights sleep all night, every night.

Benefits of our Calming Pet Bed

Better Sleep

Your pup needs a bed where they can feel safe and rest easy. Better sleep means a happier dog and a happier owner.

Incredible Comfort

Your pup needs a comfortable place to rest. We created our Pet Calming Bed with additional padding and luscious soft faux fur. The result is heaven for pups and peace of mind for pup parents.

Unrivalled Quality

You’ve probably seen cheaper, lower quality dog beds. At MagicPaws™, we decided to prioritise on quality and create a durable bed that will be loved for years to come.

Why is MagicPaws Best for your dogs

Pet Calming Bed Competitor

Easy to clean

Orthopedic thick padding

Improves sleep and reduces separation anxiety

Extra padding

100% animal-friendly premium material

Non-slip base cover

14 days money back guarantee

Meet Our Veterinarian

Meet Our Veterinarian

Unfortunately, two of the most common issues with pets are easing anxious behaviours and injuries from repetive jumping. Magicpaws have created an incredible range of products to help combat these problems.

Dr. Miller

Veterinary Expert

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