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MagicPaws™ Pee Pad

Color: Brown
Size: 15x23 in (40x60cm)
15x23 in (40x60cm)
27x31 in (70x80cm)
31x35 in (80x90cm)
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Dog + Dog
Dog + Dog

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MagicPaws™ Pee Pad - The Ultimate Reusable Dog Pad

The MagicPaws™ Pee Pad is the essential solution for pet owners to manage indoor accidents with ease and eco-friendliness. Perfect for use on floors, furniture, and pet bedding, our pad is designed to tackle the challenges of house-training, aging pets, or any indoor pet messes.

The solution to those "little surprises on your floor"

Experiencing those little surprises on your floor? As a pet owner, you understand the challenge, whether it's a puppy mastering house training or an older dog with a weaker bladder. These accidents are natural, not misbehavior, but they can disrupt your home's tranquility.

Introducing MagicPaws™ Pee Pad - the ideal solution for these inevitable moments. Specially crafted for comfort and convenience, PeePaws provides a designated spot for your dog, effortlessly absorbing those small mishaps. This means a cleaner home and a happier, stress-free environment for both you and your pet.

Stress-Free Cleanliness 🤗

Wave goodbye to unexpected wet spots and maintain a tidier living space.


Economic Advantage 💰

Significantly reduce your expenses over time, compared to the ongoing purchase of disposable pads.


Odor Control 👃

Innovative fabric technology actively neutralizes odors, creating a more pleasant home environment.


Efficiency in Time ⏰

Featuring fast-drying layers, this pad is surprisingly quick to be ready for reuse.

How does it work?

The MagicPaws™ Pee Pad is crafted with multiple layers. The top layer wicks moisture away, while the core layers absorb and hold liquids. The waterproof base prevents leaks, ensuring your floors remain clean.


14-Day Money Back Guarantee

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MagicPaws™ Pee Pad

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